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Acty Tennochou Shopping Association  Information

This is a bright and fun shopping mall located in the center of Tennocho Station and Hoshikawa Station on the Sotetsu Line. It is a shopping association full of hope that utilizes two-lane traffic to foster a wide range of regional revitalization.
Located right in front of Aeon Style Tennocho, we are a shopping association that adapts to future changes and always pursues something new, regardless of past traditions. Thank you very much for your support.

The official character's name is "Acty-kun".
The motif is the electric lights that illuminate the shopping mall, brightly illuminating Tenno Town!

Recommended for people coming from abroad

Grilled eel

Unagi no Naruse 【鰻の成瀬】
Unagi no Naruse is a restaurant where you can eat delicious and inexpensive grilled eel. Enjoy the eel with Japanese condiments such as Japanese pepper and wasabi.

Tempura and soba

Sandaime Sakuraya 【三代目佐久良屋】
At Sandaime Sakuraya, you can enjoy freshly fried tempura and freshly boiled handmade soba noodles. Beautiful seasonal tempura can be enjoyed with both the eyes and the tongue.


Edo Sushi 【江戸寿し】
For those who want to eat fresh sushi, Edo Sushi is recommended. Inside the store, where you can't stop laughing, you can enjoy a variety of sushi prepared by the owner right in front of your eyes. You can also drink delicious Japanese sake.

Ramen and Tsukemen

When you want to eat ramen and tsukemen, please visit tatsunoki. You can eat ramen with homemade noodles and a special soup at this restaurant where you can't wait to wait in line. The soft char siu is also exquisite.

Japanese tea

Matabei 【又兵衛】
If you want to buy Japanese tea souvenirs, please come to Matabei. Beautifully packaged Japanese teas are lined up inside the store. We also carry authentic Uji tea from Uji, Kyoto, Kyoto pickles, and Japanese sweets.


Horiuchi Pharmacy
Horiuchi Pharmacy is a homely pharmacy in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture that is loved by the local community. As a dispensing pharmacy, we take care to ensure that medicines are delivered smoothly to our customers.
Denka House Kataoka
At Denka House Kataoka, we are happy to assist local residents with any electrical problems they may have.

Administrative Scrivener Kabaya Takashi Office
I have been in the legal industry for over 20 years.
The scope of my work as an administrative scrivener is wide-ranging, so I believe I can help a wide variety of people.
In order to solve the problems of people who are worried, it is necessary to organize traffic accurately from a legal perspective, and our office works in collaboration with affiliated lawyers, tax accountants, and other professionals.
Although we have a short history, having opened in 2017 in Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama City, where I am from, we are confident that we can meet the needs of our customers. Administrative Scrivener Takashi Kamatani
Charcoal Kushiya Shoho
炭火串屋 将穂
Enjoy charcoal-grilled yakitori in our cozy restaurant!
Izakaya okaeri
Eel Naruse Tennocho branch
鰻の成瀬 天王町店
Although eel has a strong image of being a "luxury ingredient," "Unagi no Naruse" always aims to provide eel at a more reasonable price so that as many people as possible can enjoy delicious eel.
Let's eat lots of delicious eel.
Doing Day Tennocho
動ing Day 天王町
Motion Day Tennocho is a day service specializing in functional training that was opened with the aim of helping you regain your ``doing self.'' Our bright and energetic staff will welcome you.
Uji tea Matabei
宇治茶 又兵衛
A unique aroma and taste cultivated by the climate of Uji, Kyoto.
We will be transmitting a new world of Uji tea that will remain in the future from Yokohama. Matabei offers genuine "Uji tea" produced in Kyoto, where we have our own tea garden and tea factory. In order to preserve the traditional taste of Kyoto Uji tea into the future, we will propose a new form of tea that is compatible with modern times.
Coffee wholesaler Yokohama main store
珈琲問屋 横浜本店
Coffee wholesalers deliver ``a cup of value'' to each and every customer. What tastes are considered delicious varies from person to person. Coffee that tastes good to that person may not necessarily taste good to you. We will help you discover the coffee that matches your individual taste.
Ikiiki Sugiyama Clinic
Medical care begins with us listening to you one-on-one. If you have any concerns, please feel free to come and visit us as if you had a doctor or nurse in your family, so let's talk to them. We will help you take some peace of mind with you when you return home. We want to be a clinic that is loved by everyone.
Silver Support Yokohama Minami
Silver Support has a nationwide network. Leave the welfare equipment and living environment maintenance to us. We support safety, security, and your smile.
Ace Real Estate Co., Ltd.

We would be happy if we could help you find your once-in-a-lifetime home. We aim to be the ace of the Yokohama area by staying close to our customers and continuing to be a company needed by the people of Yokohama.

Ars Sato
Refreshing Pure Tennocho
A happy and comfortable family begins with clean clothes. Get started with Whitepeer Group. "WASH&DRY" with kindness and beauty
Refreshing Pure Tennocho
ネオ21 天王町店
At Neo 21, in order to provide our customers with ``fast, cheap, and clean'' services, we have introduced the latest equipment, automated our factories, reduced costs, and conducted customer-oriented sales.
Crystal Tennocho store
クリスタル 天王町店
We have a wide selection of carefully selected clothing, household goods, branded items, etc.
This store is open to the whole family, from children to wives, and where you can find fun things. It is also a homely shop with many repeat customers who have been with us for a long time. It's also close to Matsubara Shopping Street, which is famous for its super cheap prices, so please stop by and visit us.
Hair Works NOBU
This is a barber shop that has been loved by the local community for a long time.
Comprehensive haircut + shampoo + shaving + set 4,000 yen
Cut 2,800 yen Cut + shampoo 3,200 yen Cut + shaving 3,500 yen Color 3,000 yen Perm 4,000 yen
Fureai Orthopedic Clinic
Tennocho Fureai Osteopathic Clinic opened in May 2007 in Tennocho, Hodogaya Ward, and strives to be a clinic that is closely connected to the local community, with the motto of kindness, honesty, and politeness.
At our hospital, we carefully understand each patient's symptoms and provide treatment tailored to each individual patient in order to improve symptoms as quickly as possible.
After school MYPORT
Full support for family communication!
This is a private school facility where you can get the education you want at home. We operate a school where children can learn a variety of things, including learning, lessons, lifestyle habits, work experience, etc. Make your child's after-school time meaningful with MYPORT!
The cram school NEO is also open and open.
steak club 18
Once we receive your order, we will bake it to your desired doneness!
We will adjust the doneness of the steak to suit your preference. We also offer two types of steak sauce. Choose according to your preference!
Beauty salon Papepo
``Fashionable without being pretentious'' ``Always neat and clean''
We support that casual and fashionable spirit.
At Papepo, we strive to create an atmosphere where it is easy to feel comfortable discussing your hair concerns.
Easy consultation is the shortcut to your favorite hairstyle
We believe so, so please feel free to visit us.
Purchase Daikichi Tennocho store
買取大吉 天王町店
``Kaitori Daikichi'' has more than 550 stores nationwide, and we purchase a variety of products with the best selection in the industry. We respond to a variety of customer requests, such as ``I want to buy at a higher price,'' ``I want to sell at a safe store,'' and ``I just want an appraisal,'' and we have received many satisfied customers. ``Kaitori Daikichi'' is closely attentive to the concerns of our customers and offers the most expensive purchases in the industry. If you have branded items, precious metals, jewelry, watches, etc. lying dormant at home, please contact Daikichi Kaitai.
Fruits and vegetables Santo
青果 サント―
Lots of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits! We look forward to serving you at affordable prices.
Tee wholesaler Angers
珈茶問屋 アンジェ
Tea specialty store "Ange" is a small tea specialty store.
The aroma of freshly delivered black tea from production areas around the world, the beauty of herbs and the power of plants, the charm of flavored tea that combines the aroma and taste of black tea, and the deliciousness of fruit tea where you can enjoy the flavors of fruits and herbs. ….
Ange wants to bring you the joy of tea in your everyday life. A tea time chosen according to your mood and physical condition that day. We will deliver your precious cup poured into your favorite cup.
Takahashi Fisheries

This is Takahashi Suisan (fish shop) from Golden Tuna. All of our products are natural tuna. We have bigeye tuna delivered directly from Misaki, as well as bluefin tuna and Indian tuna. We also purchase fresh fish that is in season, with a focus on natural products.

*Please also listen to the cooking method!

Beauty Salon Fumi
ビューティーサロン ふみ
This is a beauty salon that has been loved by the local community for a long time. Please feel free to contact us.
This is a market that sells a variety of spices and foods mainly from Asia. Please feel free to stop by and we will explain how to prepare ingredients you are unfamiliar with.
Lovely Cleaning Tennocho store

Thank you for using Lovely Cleaning. Our store name has changed from "Sati-mae store" to "Tennocho store" from January 4, 2022. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Mendokoro Tastunoki 
めん処 樹
This is a restaurant that serves homemade noodles and ramen!

Business hours (Lunch) 11:30-14:30 (15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) (Dinner) 18:00-20:30 (Only open for lunch on Sundays) (However, it will close as soon as the ingredients run out) Closed on Mondays ,Tuesday
Art key/key creation Naosaku
If you have any problems with your keys, leave it to us! We offer services such as the production of spare keys, shoe repair, stamp production, and nameplate production.
Sushi Restaurant
Edo Sushi
鮨処 江戸寿し
Thanks to you, we are celebrating our 62nd anniversary.
23 years inherited from the previous generation
In front of Aeon Style Tennocho
1-33-12 Tennocho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama City
Business hours 12:00 to 22:00
Dog Salon Aya
ドッグサロン アヤ
Dog Salon Aya is a pet salon that values ​​the method that best suits the child. Trimming is by reservation only. Closed: Thursday, Friday, and public holidays 045-333-2557
Seasonal dishes and sake Bonguri
旬菜酒造 ぼんぐ里
~Gather around Japanese sake lovers~
Carefully selected by the owner! We have over 100 types of local sake and famous sake from all over the country!
We also have over 10 types of ``Sake Set that allows you to enjoy one cup of three famous sakes''. We carry a wide variety of products, from standard brands such as Tasake, Dassai, and Hakkaisan to rare seasonal items.
Even if you're picky about alcohol, you'll definitely be satisfied.
Beauty salon AAA´
Use different scissors depending on your hair type! Experience the skills of a veteran.
[Short distance from Tennocho Station] Open until 20:00 every day! No reservations welcome ◆ Available after hours ◆ Allergen-friendly! Uses European hair coloring agents that are gentle on your hair.
Govinda Curry Bar
ゴヴィンダ カレー バー
For lunch, you can enjoy authentic Indian curry, and for dinner, you can enjoy Indian, Nepalese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine that goes well with alcohol.Details of the menu are posted on Tabelog.
For reservations and inquiries, please feel free to contact us with any questions by phone or through our LINE account talk screen! To register as a LINE friend, please search using the URL or ID below.
LINEID →@rpm1785l
Aeon Style Tennocho
Aeon Style Tennocho is a large shopping center. We have everything you need for daily life.

3-5 Kawabe-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture

LIFE DESIGN MARKET is a different space rental space. In addition to providing the venue to Yokohama City Nursing Care Prevention and Lifestyle Support Service Project organizers, we also lend the venue to organizers of various classes, those wishing to host events, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. The operator is Legacys Co., Ltd., which provides elderly care, lifestyle support services, and end-of-life consultation.
Yokohama Montessori classroom
"Little room"
“Chiisai Oheya” is a hot station for parents and children
The period of raising children is a time of great joy, but it is also a time of many worries. During your child-rearing period, why not spend your days with a lighter mind by knowing how to view and help your children?
Children are full of life and are constantly making discoveries every day. I am always learning by using my hands so that I can do it by myself.
We help moms and dads who work hard to raise their children by alleviating their worries and concerns and help them raise children full of joy.

photo gallery
coco de totte
coco de totte

Both ordinary days and special days
That moment becomes a photograph
May it be something that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Coco de Totte is a traveling photo studio based in Yokohama City that travels to the places you want to take photos. ​By taking photos at your favorite location such as your home or park, you can take relaxed, natural photos that are different from those taken in a studio.

Third generation Sakuraya
Third generation Sakuraya's <Monokoto>
(Rice): We use third-generation Sakuraya original rice produced by "Moritaya Rice Store" in Asama-cho. Specially cultivated rice with 50% less pesticides and less chemical fertilizers.
(Oil)...Sandaime Sakuraya's tempura uses rice oil. Rice oil is effective in preventing high blood pressure and lifestyle-related diseases, and the vitamin E and gamma oryzanol contained in it are also effective in anti-aging your skin and improving menopausal symptoms.
(Soba): We use domestically produced buckwheat flour. We carefully select the best seasonal ingredients and serve them with homemade noodles. Soba is rich in ``rutin,'' which strengthens blood vessels.
(Dashi): We use dry dried bonito flakes such as bonito, Soda bonito, and mackerel. In addition, we use domestically produced kelp and shiitake mushrooms to carefully and thoroughly cook our third-generation Sakuraya soup. No chemical seasonings used.
``Smiling looks good on children. I want to make children around the world smile.'' These are the words my mother, who often traveled overseas for work, always said when she returned to Japan.

He always told me in detail about the living conditions of the places he went to for work and about the children living there.

Unfortunately, there are many children living in harsh environments, both in rich and not-so-rich countries. Sometimes it's for economic reasons, sometimes it's for health reasons. However, no matter what the situation is, they always have the power to give us courage once they laugh.

My mother is a haute couture designer, and I worked at an apparel company. I want to support them as much as possible from the world of clothes, which is my specialty.

LibeRimater was born to create clothes that will make children around the world smile, for the precious treasures that will carry our future.

Would you like to do yoga “easily and happily”?
With yogaho, you can go to your favorite class on any day of the week!
We strive to provide fun classes that everyone will want to continue.
Those who are new to yoga and those who have a hard body are welcome (^o^)丿
This is a class where anyone can participate safely and happily.
Let's all have fun doing yoga while shopping♪♪
yogaho shopping street yoga

*The studio is scheduled to open in November on the second floor of Takahashi Suisan.

Okashino Takumi 
Bringing sweet sweets to Hodogaya...
Depending on the number of staff, there may be a lunch break between 13:00 and 14:00.
Closed on Wednesdays, 2nd and 4th Thursdays
Business hours (closed once sold out)
Weekdays 10:00-19:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-18:00
1-31-4 Tennocho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama City
TEL 045-520-4098
Our basic concept is ``bright, fun, and strong.''
The purpose of joining doesn't matter, whether it's as a hobby to take a break from work, pursuing a dream through martial arts, dieting, or not giving in to bullying.
I hope that by coming into contact with martial arts at the dojo and having fun, your life will become brighter and more positive, even just a little bit. I would be very happy if I could help make the lives of those who join a little bit richer.
smart fit 100
6 minutes walk from Tennocho Station! Effective with the latest equipment and cutting-edge whitening gel ◎ Recommended for those who value speed and price! [The self-whitening salon attached to the gym is now open♪]